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How to take a course (Trainee)

  1. Navigate to the site home page
  2. Click on the "Take a Course" link (top right of the page).
  3. Enter the Login Key provided by your training manager in the box and click submit.
  4. The first time a course is accessed the user is asked to confirm their name is correct. Change if necessary.
  5. Click Submit your dedicated course page will load.
  6. At the top of the page you will see your "Customised Training Manual" for download.
  7. If your training manager has not already done so, download your training manual and print. Your training manual is password protected by your Login Key, enter this into the password box when requested.
  8. The manual is used in conjunction with each of the lesson presentations listed on the course page.
  9. Take each lessons in turn, using the manual for reference.
    • To take a lesson click on the lesson image.
    • This will open a flash* file which you need to work through.
    • The slides can take a few seconds to load so please be patient, especially if you have a slow internet connection.
    • Each lesson is made up of several slides, work through the slides to complete the lesson.
    • Some slides have multiple elements, you need to click on each element in the slide before you can progress to the next slide.
    • Some slides ask questions, these are part of the learning process only and are not marked in any way.
    • Once you have completed all the slides click the green cross to rerurn to your course page, where you can select the next lesson
  10. Once all the lessons are taken you will be able to take the exam.