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About Our Training Courses

Industry Leading...

Pig Production Training is brought to you by two industry leading names of the global swine industry, Pig Production Training Ltd. (PPT) and, published by 5M Publishing.

PPT offers a comprehensive range of training programmes for the global pork industry, ranging from "hands-on", practical training to advanced leadership skills courses for senior managers. Working with production companies, veterinary groups and independent producers, PPT delivers effective training programmes tailored to the needs of the individual business. The PPT training system is currently being used in production systems with more than 500,000 sows worldwide.

PPT have joined forces with 5M Publishing to adapt their well proven training programmes for on-line delivery via, the leading global swine industry web portal.

The key objective of our on-line Pig Production Training is to help companies capitalize on people as their most important resource in achieving high productivity and profitability.

On-line Training

Our on-line training offers a growing series of modules covering both practical on-farm training and classroom-based courses in pig management and leadership skills. Each module teaches the key skills needed to effectively fullfil the relevant task. Each lesson provides a carefully-structured and consistent approach to teaching practical, observational and pig management skills. Every lesson comes with a factsheet and is taught using media rich interactive presentations.


Our experience shows that staff motivation and commitment is improved by the recognition of training achievements through certification, especially where trainees have few academic qualifications. PPT certification provides a means of demonstrating their effort and abilities.

Our on-line training platform enables trainee progress to be accurately recorded. Accomplishment is recognised by awarding a certificate for each course completed.